1) What’s the number one concern of every employee?

Simple. The number one concern of employees is their salary and compensation rate. . It is an employee’s lookout to make sure that he or she is never paid too less than what has been agreed upon. Moreover, it is also an employee’s concern to make sure that he or she must never be made to work for more than the salary grade.

2) Is an employee really concerned about favoritism? Or is it just a petty problem?

Nope, this is a legitimate issue. Concerns about favoritism actually affects employees’ performance, especially if they’re convinced that they’re not the favored ones. They end up getting discouraged and demotivated from working and exerting effort.

3) What should companies do first to improve their recruitment pool?

First of all, they should befriend the University offices that manage placement and recruitment. . From there, you can simply ask for the University for their records, or be affiliated with the University when it comes to job search events.

4) What is the first thing that must be remembered in preparing for a job interview?

First of all, do remember to exert some effort in researching the company into which you’re applying. Know the company’s history, profile, vision, mission, and goals. If you can, at least memorize some parts of it so that you can confidently talk about these things during the interview. Also, make it a point to know the job description and the tasks of the position for which you’re applying.

5) Do you always have to play nice when caught up in office conflict?

No. You also have to know how to fight fair. If worse comes to worst and you’re associated with some office conflict (despite your best intentions), don’t do things which are so drastic that you ened up regretting having done it at all. Always go by the rule book – nothing more, and nothing less either. Always know what you rightfully deserve and make sure that you get it, too.

6) Can you talk to your boss if you’re having problems with him or her?

Definitely. Such a gesture spells professionalism and maturity like nothing else can. So go ahead and schedule that appointment with your boss. He or she will surely appreciate you more for it, provided that you’re calm and collected the whole time.